Started in 2005, BookThis! Inc began as a high-energy publicity firm, guaranteeing clients a fun and successful PR push for their book, product or business. Freewheeling and creative with a nonstop work ethic Lisa Sweet created a highly successful company with  impressive client lists.

Fast-forward 12 years. Book This! Inc. is a solidly successful company, with repeat business, repeat clients and continuing to grow and change with the ever-changing PR landscape.


Book This! Inc.’s main goal is to continue to tirelessly promote projects with a passion and create a buzz from launch day onward.

So are you new to Book This! Inc. or a returning client? Either way Book This! Inc. has a
successful track record to help promote you and your products.


The key to Book This! Inc.’s success?

Continually changing and keeping up with the changing PR landscape: Book This! Inc.
consults authors on their Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest / Snapchat / Tumblr accounts.  Book This! Inc. also helps to brainstorm and realize various social media outreach with innovative methods in the never-ending quest to be #trending and become a #bestseller

Cultivating and Maintaining relationships with the media: Book This!, Inc. has long-standing relationships with producers, editors and bloggers nationwide and continues to foster positive relationships with new leaders in media.

Unsurpassed work-ethic and spirit: Lisa Sweet (owner/CEO) is well-known in the industry as
a go-getter; a highly tenacious booker who gets results. Her positive outlook, creative pitches
and continual support throughout a book’s campaign guarantees success.

Diversity: Book This!, Inc. has worked with major corporations to first-time authors, from major Hollywood celebrities to up-and-coming chefs. By continuing to diversify, Book This!, Inc. does not allow pitches to become stagnant and lost in the vast pool of lifestyle PR.

Areas of expertise: Cookbooks, Health/Fitness, Military, Memoir, Home Décor,
Dating/Relationships, Parenting, Small Business, Biography, Gift Books, Humor

Knowledge and Success in the industry: Lisa Sweet owner/CEO has been actively working in the Publishing for over 20 years. She has worked during major corporate take-overs and massive corporate work freezes. Meaning, Lisa Sweet has successfully worked under every imaginable working condition from the Post 9/11 publicity dip to corporate freezes which meant over-loaded project lists with large publicity plans.

Well-Rounded Vision: Book This!, Inc.’s owner Lisa Sweet has not only worked in the PR industry but worked in both television & radio production. Lisa Sweet teamed up with major movie industry big whigs to help launch new products, new TV programs and cross-promote products/books with movie releases. Lisa Sweet also held a stint as a food writer in a local newspaper. A world traveler, Lisa Sweet has lived in major cities to small farming villages. Book This! Inc. utilizes this bit of knowledge and experience to stay on-trend, pertinent and keeps an up-to-the-minute understanding of the lexicon of media and consumer interest.

Lisa Sweet began her publicity career at Broadway Books, a division of Bantam, Doubleday, Dell—now with Random House. She then moved on to HarperCollins Publishers and worked with HarperResource, Cookbooks, ReganBooks and managed HarperDesign. In 2005 she began LisaSweetPR and in 2008 the business incorporated and became Book This! Inc.



”Marcella and I have been producing Italian cookbooks since 1973, books that have been published successfully throughout the globe. The number of publicists we have worked with is beyond recalling or counting, but if Lisa Sweet had been old enough to collaborate with us on the first book instead of the final one, we might never have needed anyone else. She has qualities that make an author’s publicist invaluable and that, regrettably, few of her colleagues share: Tenacity, Enterprise, Promptness, Imagination, Dependability, and Clarity of Expression. It was hard to do one last book after a lifetime of hard work, but we were recompensed by having had Lisa on board promoting it for us.” 
–Victor and Marcella Hazan, MARCELLA SAYS…

“Lisa Sweet is a dream publicist. She’s creative in thinking, enthusiastic in her pursuit, tireless at promoting, and fun to work with, too! She took two unknown authors for a cookbook we published (Heirloom Baking with the Brass Sisters) and proceeded to book them into a 10-city tour, complete with television and print media and a whole lot of national coverage as well.  This book wouldn’t have been half the success it’s been without Lisa working so diligently for us day and night (truly!).”
–Judy Pray, Executive Editor, Artisan / Workman Publishing