“Since my first time meeting with Lisa, she was enthusiastic and energized to work on any project I threw at her. She was always very thoughtful and knowledgeable about which journalists, influencers, media outlets and events would best resonate with the content or project she was pitching. She is a consummate professional and has brilliant ideas and strategies to get your project the most coverage. I really enjoyed working with Lisa Sweet, and she’s always at the top of my list when looking for a freelance publicist.”
Janel Noblin, Director of Publicity, GEM Advertising, Former Director or Publicity Taunton Press

“I am an author who wrote a book. It was called “Stupid White Men” (I didn’t come up with the title — after all, I am all three of those things! — it was the publisher’s idea). This book had an advertising budget of approximately zero. That meant the only way people were going to find out about the book was through the work of its publicist. That publicist was Lisa Sweet. Thanks in large part to her work, that book became the largest selling nonfiction book in America that year. It has, to date, sold nearly 5 million copies worldwide. I don’t think I have to say anymore. Anyone lucky enough to have Lisa Sweet doing their PR work is truly lucky and fortunate.”
 — Michael Moore, author of STUPID WHITE MEN

“In launching my newest cookbook, A Love Affair with Southern Cooking, Lisa Sweet knew exactly how to position it for cross-country coverage in major newspapers, magazines, radio networks, and other media. Thanks to her professionalism and t.l.c., Love Affair was my most successful launch.  When my next cookbook is ready for lift-off, Lisa’s the first one I’ll call.”   
   — JEAN ANDERSON, Best-Selling Cookbook Author, James Beard Cookbook Hall of Fame 

”Marcella and I have been producing Italian cookbooks since 1973, books that have been published successfully throughout the globe. The number of publicists we have worked with is beyond recalling or counting, but if Lisa Sweet had been old enough to collaborate with us on the first book instead of the final one, we might never have needed anyone else. She has qualities that make an author’s publicist invaluable and that, regrettably, few of her colleagues share: Tenacity, Enterprise, Promptness, Imagination, Dependability, and Clarity of Expression. It was hard to do one last book after a lifetime of hard work, but we were recompensed by having had Lisa on board promoting it for us.” 
–Victor and Marcella Hazan, MARCELLA SAYS…

“Lisa Sweet is a virtual PR machine and one of the best bookers I know.  You are in excellent hands with Lisa!”
–Justin Loeber, Mouth Public Relations

“Lisa Sweet is a dream publicist. She’s creative in thinking, enthusiastic in her pursuit, tireless at promoting, and fun to work with, too! She took two unknown authors for a cookbook we published (Heirloom Baking with the Brass Sisters) and proceeded to book them into a 10-city tour, complete with television and print media and a whole lot of national coverage as well.  This book wouldn’t have been half the success it’s been without Lisa working so diligently for us day and night (truly!).”
–Judy Pray, Executive Editor Artisan / Workman Publishing

“Lisa Sweet is our hero.  In a world where things change constantly and are not always they way they seem, Lisa is the real thing.  With a combination of creativity and professionalism she faces crises and triumphs equally well.  No matter how daunting a situation, Lisa gets the right results because she comes up with great ideas, works hard, and has a great sense of humor.”

“Tireless, Tenacious and Terrific! Lisa Sweet is a Booking Machine.” 
–Debbie Stier, Former SVP Associated Publisher, HarperCollins Publishers

“Lisa is a publicity force. Once she commits to a project she’s all in, pitching every possible angle to the best producers, editors, reporters and bloggers. She’s been a champion for DK’s lifestyle titles, and she’s an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish.”  – Rachel Barry, DK, Marketing and Publicity

“Lisa brings an admirable mix of can-do spirit, boundless energy, intelligent creativity, and a solid work ethic to the books she works on. I truly believe she was born to be a publicist. And anyone who is lucky enough to have Lisa on his/her team is sure to agree with me.”
– Sally Kim, editor,  PenguinRandomHouse

Creative, enthusiastic, thorough, and determined, Lisa Sweet explored every opportunity to promote my new book, 1,000 Italian Recipes.  I believe that her knowledge and professionalism opened many doors for me.  I look forward to working with her again.
–Michele Scicolone, author of 1,000 ITALIAN RECIPES

“Publicizing a book takes teamwork, energy and resourcefulness. Lisa excels in all three.”  
–Ed Ruggero, author of DUTY FIRST: West Point and the Making of America Leaders

“Lisa is a motivated self-starter whose work ethic is exceptional.  She is professional, competent, focused, creative and sincere; all hallmark traits of a great publicist.”  
— Michael Morrison, President & Publisher, HarperCollinsPublishers

“Lisa Sweet is professional, creative, efficient, and absolutely tireless. Her talent has aided the success of my books immeasurably and I consider myself very lucky, both personally and professionally, to have counted her as an advocate. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
–Debra Ginsberg, author of WAITING: The True Confessions of a Waitress, ABOUT MY SISTERS and RAISING BLAZE

“My book found its way to many high profile publications—from The New York Times to NPR and Elle Magazine—that never would’ve happened without her persistence and dedication.” 
— Nan Mooney, author of MY RACING HEART

“Lisa Sweet makes the tightrope that is public relations look more like a cakewalk. She gets the big gets with a combination of deft charm and total belief in your project. At a time when author friends were complaining about the PR teams at the publishing house we were singing the praises of the wonderful Lisa Sweet.”
— Rebecca Charles & Deborah DiClementi, authors of LOBSTER ROLLS & BLUEBERRY PIE 

“Lisa is what every publicist should be, passionate, organized and EFFECTIVE!” 

“Lisa is hardworking, extremely professional, eternally cheerful, always open to new ideas and she delivers on what she promises.  And whether you are the person being publicized, or the person being pitched, those are important qualities.”
–Rick Beyer, author of GREATEST STORIES NEVER TOLD and Executive Producer/Smash Entertainment Group