Corporate Caring

Each year Book This! Inc. is proud to make a donation to Feeding America and the United Spinal Association on behalf of you, her clients.

The mission of Feeding America is to create a hunger-free America. We distribute food and grocery products through a nationwide network of certified affiliates, increase public awareness of domestic hunger, and advocate for policies that benefit America’s hungry.

Their network includes more than 200 food banks and food-rescue organizations serving every county in the U.S. The effectiveness and operating efficiency of this network depends on the cooperation of food banks, food-rescue organizations, service agencies, donors, and national programs.

Click here to visit the Feeding America website. 

United Spinal Association is dedicated to enhancing the lives of all individuals with spinal cord injury or disease by ensuring quality health care, promoting research, advocating for civil rights and independence, educating the public about these issues, and enlisting its help to achieve these fundamental goals.

United Spinal Association was founded in 1946 by veterans with spinal cord injuries to help enable members, as well as others with disabilities, to lead full and productive lives. We participated in drafting the Americans with Disabilities Act and other civil rights laws, and continue to promote their enforcement. Our programs, and our services are supported by your donations.

To visit the United Spinal Association’s website, click here.


”Marcella and I have been producing Italian cookbooks since 1973, books that have been published successfully throughout the globe. The number of publicists we have worked with is beyond recalling or counting, but if Lisa Sweet had been old enough to collaborate with us on the first book instead of the final one, we might never have needed anyone else. She has qualities that make an author’s publicist invaluable and that, regrettably, few of her colleagues share: Tenacity, Enterprise, Promptness, Imagination, Dependability, and Clarity of Expression. It was hard to do one last book after a lifetime of hard work, but we were recompensed by having had Lisa on board promoting it for us.” 
–Victor and Marcella Hazan, MARCELLA SAYS…

“Lisa Sweet is a dream publicist. She’s creative in thinking, enthusiastic in her pursuit, tireless at promoting, and fun to work with, too! She took two unknown authors for a cookbook we published (Heirloom Baking with the Brass Sisters) and proceeded to book them into a 10-city tour, complete with television and print media and a whole lot of national coverage as well.  This book wouldn’t have been half the success it’s been without Lisa working so diligently for us day and night (truly!).”
–Judy Pray, Executive Editor, Artisan / Workman Publishing