Lisa Sweet PR offers publicity support to both Major Publishing Houses
and individual authors:

Publicity Efforts include:

  • Long Lead – Pitching and scheduling placement in National Magazines
  • National TV/Radio – Pitching and scheduling major national programs
  • Regional Long Lead – pitching and scheduling placement in Regional Magazines
  • Newspapers – Pitching top newspapers in various editorial departments for most effective placement
  • Online – Pitching and schedule  various online magazines, News Websites & Blogs handling cross-promotion on their various online platforms
  • Social Media – Working alongside company and individual clients and consulting on branding and outreach through Twitter, SnapChat, Facebook, Instagram and more
  • Weekly Magazine – Pitching and scheduling placement in major national, regional and local weekly magazines
  • Radio Tours – 15-to-20 City Radio Tours; focused pitches to top radio shows Nationwide; includes pitches to National Radio and NPR affiliates
  • Tour Cities – Includes every aspect of a tour including; setting up book events, cooking school events, organizing transportation, media escorts, and booking local media
  • Book Events & Parties – support with mailing list and RSVP line; all associated media promotion
  • Timely News Focus – with an eye on daily breaking news, BookThis! Inc. creates effective electronic “Blasts” that are wired out to radio, television and print in order to maximize the potential of a book

Lisa Sweet PR also provides creative press materials upon request.

  • Press Release
  • Pitch Letter
  • Galley Letter
  • Author Bio
  • Author Q&A


“Lisa Sweet makes the tightrope that is public relations look more like a cakewalk. She gets the big gets with a combination of deft charm and total belief in your project. At a time when author friends were complaining about the PR teams at the publishing house we were singing the praises of the wonderful Lisa Sweet.”
— Rebecca Charles & Deborah DiClementi, authors of LOBSTER ROLLS & BLUEBERRY PIE

“Since my first time meeting with Lisa, she was enthusiastic and energized to work on any project I threw at her. She was always very thoughtful and knowledgeable about which journalists, influencers, media outlets and events would best resonate with the content or project she was pitching. She is a consummate professional and has brilliant ideas and strategies to get your project the most coverage. I really enjoyed working with Lisa Sweet, and she’s always at the top of my list when looking for a freelance publicist.”
Janel Noblin, Director of Publicity, GEM Advertising, Former Director or Publicity Taunton Press

“My book found its way to many high profile publications—from The New York Times to NPR and Elle Magazine—that never would’ve happened without her persistence and dedication.” 
— Nan Mooney, author of MY RACING HEART